Data Recovery

Accidental deletion, format or damage of your data? At Comtechs we have various levels of data retrieval services.

Data Services

  • Level 1 Recovery
    89.99 - 289.99
    - Recover deleted files such as files and photos or from devices with difficulties reading the files
    - Recover files from external hard drives whose casing may have developed issues
    - This recovery may include a USB thumb drive or SD card
  • Level 2 Recovery
    399.99 - 799.99
    - Recover files somewhat reconizable or accessable
    This process usually requires professional software .Time required to recover data will vary depending on the amount of data being retrieved from the hard drive
  • Level 3 Recovery
    1000 and up
    We send your drive out for advanced data recovery services we cannot perform in store. Time and proceedure vary depending on the extent of the damage.
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